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Pacific Assemblies
More Production Options for You

We thank you for visiting our site.

It is Pacific Assemblies goal to enhance your business options and further your companies profitability.If you are interested in flexible manufacturing, outsourcing or enhanced profitability, please let us discuss the various ways we can help. We are here to inform you, so you may make better decisions for your company and it's future.

Expectations in Contract Manufacturing often fail to live up to their full potential. Executives often anticipate the day when they can fully focus on their core competencies and outsource other activities, but outsourcing requires some serious planning.

- Our successful customers assess the when and why

- Is the product in the Introduction, Maturity or Decline phase

- Set the appropriate working model

Most customers structure the relationship by contract. This is the easiest and it can be managed with explicit performance indicators and clauses defining the consequencs of underperforming. The other approach would be to closely supervise the contract manufacturer and the supply chain by retaining key processes such as inventory mangement, planning and procurement.

Our preferred approach could be characterzed as "partnership". This relationship is structured around common goals and objectives to emphazise both parties' competencies. It is important to focus not just on the contract manufacturing performance, but on the overall supply chain objectives. We can't just measure our performance without considering the make-to-order track record of the customer to be successful. Is is important for these types of buiness relationship to build mutual trust.

The benefits of contract manufacturing are undeniably available to businesses that develop an appropriate strategy and execute it well.

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